Smoked Beef Jerky Bites. New for 2019!

Smoked Beef Jerky Bites. Formed meat product. It takes 260g meat to make 100g final product.


Beef, Sugar, Salt, Soy sauce (soy beans, wheat, salt) maltodextrin, salt, mixed spices, dextrose. Antioxidant: ascorbic acid. Preservative: sodium nitrit.

Bites are our budget line. It is 92% fat free, low calories and high protein (42.6%!) snack.

Here is information about our Smoked Beef Jerky Bites nutritional value (per 100g):

Energy                278 kcal         
Protein                42.6 g             
Fat                      8g (of which saturates 3.6g)               
Carbohydrates   8g (of which sugars 5g)               
Salt 4g

Where you can buy these Smoked Bites?
Our regular jerky is available almost all over the country. It has great sales history and is listed in Barry Group stores (Costcutter, Carry Out and Quick Pick). But this particular product is new and and we haven't got chance to push this to shops at all. At the moment you can buy this directly from us and also from few other shops like Supervalu's in Mallow, Kanturk, Dingle, Macroom.

As we don't know yet how big is the interest, we don't order much and the stock is very limited. So if you are interested yourself or have business (gym or sports nutrition shop) which can sell this in bigger quantities - then please pre-order!

Contact us for more details!

This is how the new Smoked bite bag looks like:

Try something new!

Store locations - click on map to zoom out to see all stores all over the Ireland selling our beef jerky

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Our regular beef jerky is available all over the country but specialty products like Turkey jerky and these new Smoked Jerky Bites are only available to buy directly from us (some Supervalu's are selling it trial bases).


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